How do I provide Read Only access to Campaign Calendar?

There may be situations in which you would like your extended team to view and access Campaign Calendar but yet you do not want those users to be able to create, edit or delete campaigns. 

To do that first ensure your users have a license and permission set to Campaign Calendar as noted here.

Next we'll need to ensure the user profile has their Standard Object Permission for the Campaign Object just set to "Read".

That can be done by going to:
  1. Setup | Administer | Manage Users | Profiles
  2. Click Edit next to the appropriate profile
  3. Scroll down to the Standard Object Permissions section
  4. Find the Campaign object and uncheck the "Create", "Edit", "Delete" boxes - leave the "Read" box checked
  5. Click Save.
The user(s) assigned to that profile will be able to view Campaigns in Salesforce and Campaign Calendar - however, they will no longer be able to create, edit or delete Campaigns in Salesforce or via Campaign Calendar. 

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